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Hyper Automation, Hyper Mobility

The digital workplace embraces the idea that organizations should use digital business transformation to align technology, employees, and processes to improve operational efficiency and meet organizational goals. The digital workplace is the virtual equal of the physical office space, and includes employee devices, apps, tools, software, and platforms.

For the unified communications and collaboration space, this means ensuring that remote and hybrid workers have access to all of the collaboration and communications tools that they need to carry out their jobs efficiently and effectively from any location.

VOSS Automate Digital Orchestration Platform

VOSS Automate is the world’s most advanced automation platform, offering a single point of management and integration for your entire digital workplace ecosystem. VOSS Automate provides the automation and orchestration to solve many challenges which drive success and user adoption, while greatly reducing delivery costs. VOSS Automate is deployed by – and critical to the success of – a large number of Service Providers and Enterprises; all utilizing a wide range of digital workplace solutions and technologies.

VOSS Automate - digital service delivery diagram


Business agility

VOSS Automate’s flexible architecture empowers you to respond to any change in the market or on the platform quickly and easily, with zero impact to end user experience.

Cost and time savings

High levels of automation combined with the simplicity and controls to empower lower admins allows for a rapid return on your investment and impressive cost savings. This frees staff to work on innovation and other tasks that deliver far more business value.

Productivity and growth

High levels of agility and automation in the management platform improve user adoption and employee experience, allow your staff to operate productivity, which leads to success.

Key features

Out-of-the-box capabilities that deliver immediate value, as well as integration into wider business processes and applications, unlocking optimization benefits

Comprehensive, flexible automation providing the agility to quickly respond to ever-changing needs as business objectives evolve over time

Deployed on-premises or in the cloud, VOSS Automate is a single point of control for your UC and collaboration tools, regardless of where those solutions reside

Support for a broad range of services and vendors that make up digital workplace solutions:

  • Collaboration tools – Comprehensive management of multiple vendors, services, and infrastructure elements
  • Productivity apps – Support for productivity tools that are increasingly included in the digital workplace landscape
  • Contact center – Management of the lifecycle of agents and related settings for a number of contact center technologies
  • VOSS Phone server – Capability to provide basic calling services for handsets, as an alternative to costly PBX licenses, enabling the choice of many handset vendors to meet functional or cost optimization requirements

Challenges we address

  • Business demands on UC solutions are becoming increasingly complex, often including multiple applications, multiple vendors, and a mixture of cloud and on-premises infrastructure
  • The need to optimize costs across the solution, such as operational and license costs
  • The need for the collaboration solution to support different demands across the business, while quickly adapting as those demands change and evolve
  • The need to introduce end-to-end automation and integrate your collaboration workloads into the rest of your business processes • Inconsistent deployment and setup increase support costs and impacts end-user satisfaction and adoption
  • The need for a single interface that gives an overall view of the solution, instead of individual interfaces that only provide part of the picture

VOSS Automate – Interfaces and portals

VOSS Automate icon

VOSS Automate provides an array of flexible interface options, to allow you select an administration tool for all of your business needs.

  • VOSS admin portal – Highly customizable role-based access control enables you to map your organizational structure to your collaboration platform, no matter how complex: from lowskilled business admins, through various helpdesk tiers, through advanced technical experts. The configuration and role-based user access controls allow for the creation of the appropriate user experience to ensure correct access and ease of use.
  • End user self-service – Easy-to-use intuitive interface empowers end users to make changes to their services and settings.
  • Full API interface – Everything in VOSS Automate is accessible through the API, ensuring external business systems can be integrated via a single point, automating processes such as ticket automation, billing and expense management, and HR

Powerful, customizable automation

The power of VOSS Automate lies at the core of the product; an automation engine that connects drivers to the other core elements and then wraps it all in an API.

Customizable components enhance the system functionality and extend automation across new UC solutions or other IT systems. This customization is done primarily in the VOSS Automate UI and requires no coding, so you can quickly add automation without the need for VOSS engineering intervention or waiting for your request to be prioritized on a product roadmap. Examples:

  • Generate a workflow to add a service when a user type is added to your system
  • Change what the UI displays for a specific web portal user class
  • Add provisioning automation for a new device or application
  • An API will be generated for your new capability allowing you to trigger it from other systems and/or communicate information to other IT systems.

VOSS Automate

Single view across your digital workplace solution

With a wide range of supported services and vendors, VOSS Automate gives automation and visibility across your entire digital workplace, eliminating swivel chair management across services and vendors. VOSS Automate quickly supports new versions, features, and can be easily extended to support new applications and services as the market and your needs evolve. VOSS Automate saves time, removes risk of manual error, ensures quality, and increases user adoption.

Systems integration through a single point of control

Central management console and integration between your collaboration platform and other north / southbound IT business systems enables you to quickly incorporate collaboration workloads into wider business process, creating comprehensive automation.

Tailor your digital workplace automation to your evolving business needs

VOSS Automate allows you to tailor its sophisticated automation platform to the specific needs of your business through configuration which dramatically reduces cost and time. The ability to adapt to your processes maximizes the value realized and you can quickly adapt to support evolving business requirements into the future.

Provide the right level of access to the users that need it

VOSS Automate provides flexible data partitioning and advanced role definitions to deliver administration access, structure, and user experiences to meet the needs of your different user types. This enables you to successfully devolve a wide set of tasks reducing service response times and empowering various areas of the business to invoke changes. VOSS Automate empowers you to manage and set up the administrative roles you need, without sacrificing control or running the risk of misconfigured services.

VOSS Northbound integration diagram

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