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Manage your collaboration platform end to end

VOSS Analytics enables you to manage your collaboration platform from a high level view all the way down to the subscriber, ensuring compliance of your UC platform whilst optimizing the utilization of assets and licenses.

Powerful business context insight and visibility drive efficiency and understanding. Integrate with your IT Ops applications with enriched data to improve your collaboration service quality, usage, and effectiveness. Drive productivity, save money, and support adoption through continual transformation.

How it works

VOSS Analytics integrates into the VOSS Automate architecture to provide business contextual insight into the performance of your collaboration tools.

By analyzing your subscriber configuration data, it enables you to visualize the information and report to business stakeholders.

VOSS Insights Analytics integrates into VOSS Automate architecture diagram
Sample dashboards
Subscriber services
Phone report
Hunt group report
Line report
VOSS Automate transaction reports
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Why VOSS Analytics

  • Integrate into VOSS Automate to provide business information without using backend system resources
  • Interconnect with existing business applications
  • Bring your own business data and combine it with vendor collaboration data to give you context and meaning
  • Ensure a secure, safe, and reliable platform
  • Choose an award-winning solution that is vendor-agnostic
  • Quick and easy to customize, supporting your business needs and goals
VOSS Insights Analytics - sample dashboard 1
VOSS Insights Analytics - sample dashboard 2

What business problems does VOSS Analytics fix?

  • Support business strategy with real business insight
  • Manage capacity by licenses or numbers
  • Maximize the asset distribution to see where assets are underutilized
  • See and share data in one place for a large or multi-cluster environment, across different stakeholder personas
  • View features and service deployments in the UC environment
  • See device types for end-of-life announcements and purchasing decisions
  • View and compare current and historical for trend analysis
  • Free people from report writing
  • Scale data analytics across vendors, in one place

The VOSS Analytics value

  • Flexible customer-wide or site-specific reporting
  • Easy to understand user interface
  • Integration with external business data sources
  • Service-based reporting
  • Comprehensive entity-based reporting
  • License tracking
  • Scheduled data refresh
  • Troubleshooting
  • Delegate access to customers or across your business
  • Number inventory tracking
  • Quickly view inconsistencies using data
  • Integrate into other business data sources
  • Export data in graphs, charts, tables in CSV or PDF
VOSS Insights Analytics - Full subscriber details screenshot

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Innovation update

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We see the growing trend that many enterprises have now deployed some form of cloud collaboration – often Microsoft Teams, Zoom IM, or Cisco Webex. Our customers’ focus for the year ahead is to reconcile these latest UC tools with their corporate telephony strategy.

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VOSS gives you a central point of control and insight into your UC, collaboration, and contact center processes. Your digital business transformation journey will be supported every step of the way, and underpinned by our award-winning technology.