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  • VOSS Management as a Service

    VOSS MaaS (Management-as-a-Service) provides comprehensive cloud-based automation management of your collaboration services, taking the pain out of day-to-day administration, and underpinning your cloud communications strategy as it evolves.


     With the increasing number of collaboration services that are moving from traditional on-premises solutions into the public cloud, and with the added pressure of remote working that is accelerating this shift, the need for cloud-based collaboration automation management has never been so great.

    Just because collaboration solutions are moving to the cloud does not mean the complexity in managing these services goes away. In fact, the adoption of this broad range of cloud-based business collaboration and productivity solutions introduces even more challenge and complexity while striving for a positive service experience for end users.

    Sophisticated management of these services is more critical than ever.

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    VOSS Management as a Service