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Case Studies

  • VOSS and FlexITy

    How VOSS UC management supports FlexITy, a Canadian provider of UC services:


    FlexITy Solutions (FlexITy) is a leading provider of voice, data, and converged and managed services for businesses throughout Canada.

    FlexITy offers a broad range of products and services including infrastructure design, implementation and support, security and compliance solutions, unified communications (UC), managed services and data center integration including enterprise storage, virtualization, and disaster recovery.

    In response to a growing need for a more flexible, affordable and cloud-based unified communications and collaboration platform, FlexTEL was launched to help its clients transform the way their business works—raising the performance of their organizations and establishing an important and sustainable competitive advantage.

    The Result - FlexTEL is a forward-looking, knowledge-based brand founded with a single vision: to unite and deploy the most powerful business technologies via a scalable, on-demand, cloud-based communications platform; one capable of delivering a complete and continuously advancing package of UC services and applications.

    Leading organizations leverage communications tools in ways that outmoded telephone companies cannot hope to accommodate. FlexTEL realized their differentiation needed to come from...

    VOSS  and FlexITy