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Case Studies

  • VOSS and a US Healthcare Provider

    How VOSS enables this American Healthcare Provider to offer the full range of voice communications to its network of hospitals and affiliate:


    This leading provider of healthcare services incorporates a nationwide network of both hospitals and other medical facilities, totaling over 160,000 end points. The IT department is responsible for maintaining the communications infrastructure for the group of hospitals as well offering telephony services to an extended network of additional facilities, such as off-premise surgical centers.

    The Company wanted to upgrade their telephony system so that all hospitals and facilities were operating on the same platform. The Company recognized that there was much benefit to be derived from rolling out a unified dial plan across the entire organization, to speed communications and improve collaboration.

    In addition, the Company wanted to be able to offer the benefits of a hosted telephony service to affiliated staff working within these facilities – often accounting for 50% of the headcount.

    The Company came to realize that by implementing a next generation unified communications (UC) platform, it could establish itself as a service provider in its own right, offering the full range of voice communications, not just to its network of hospitals and affiliates, but to other business organizations as well...

    VOSS and a US Healthcare Provider