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Case Studies

  • VOSS and a US Insurance Provider

    How VOSS supports the delivery and management of advanced UC applications for this company, without the need for major systems integration:


    With more than 150,000 employees and affiliate agents, this Insurance Company services approximately 80 million insurance policies across North America and Canada offering automobile, fire, home, life, and health policies.

    By the very nature of their business - in that they also collaborate with an additional 100,000 people that work for their network of agents – the Company is not just a multi-cluster enterprise, but also a service provider to a focused market.

    The Company has diverse and independent business units, each with their own specific needs, spread across multiple regions. They required a tool to simplify business processes across their entire organization, and unify their multi-location infrastructure (including multi-generational platforms, multi-vendor infrastructures, and disparate legacy systems), on a single, centrally managed platform.

    The Company wanted access to the full suite of next generation UC (unified communications) services, and the ability to offer these features to their network of agents. They also recognized the importance of scale and the simplification of integrating new acquisitions and agents, and wanted a platform to efficiently deliver and manage new UC applications from a central point of control...

    VOSS and a US Insurance Provider