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Innovation updates

January 2023

Welcome to the latest edition of our product innovation update. In 2023, we see that many enterprises have now deployed some form of cloud collaboration – often Microsoft Teams, Zoom IM, or Cisco Webex. Our customers’ focus for the year ahead is to reconcile these latest UC tools with the corporate telephony strategy.

Hosted by our VOSS experts:

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Derek Smith

VOSS Product Marketing Manager

Bill Dellara

VOSS Head of Product

VOSS Innovation Update

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Timeline for video chapters

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00:00 – Introduction
00:35 – Deployment trends
02:57 – Cisco HCS end of life
04:51 – Integrating multi-vendor solutions
05:40 – VOSS product resources
07:54 – Microsoft Pivot Program
09:54 – Unlocking the SMB market
13:12 – Meeting room management
15:20 – Logitech partnership
16:21 – User Experience management
17:59 – UC observability – Early adopters wanted
20:47 – Product release plan