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Multi-Vendor Management

VOSS simplifies management of your Cisco, Microsoft, Avaya, Broadsoft, or hybrid UC environment.

How does it work?

VOSS Automate gives a single pane of glass view into your complete business communication solution. There is no longer a need for swivel chair management across applications or vendor solutions. VOSS manages end-to-end processes to deliver multi-service and feature-rich UC management. Furthermore, it has been architected to support a wide range of devices, including Microsoft UC, Microsoft Teams, Office 365, directory integration, identity management, gateways and infrastructure, plus Broadsoft UC, Avaya UC, and Cisco UC.
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What’s included?

Management and support

Microsoft Teams, Office 365, and Active Directory. Simultaneous support for premise-based and cloud applications.

Format control

Automated number management and format enforcement. Centralized view of all E164 numbers that enforces the correct AD format and prevents duplicate assignment.


Configurable driver and GUI orchestration options to carry out bulk provisioning of applications and devices.

Easy administration

Removes the need for complex administration via PowerShell (and the need to train frontline technicians on PowerShell).

Single team

A single operational team can manage any combination of Microsoft, Cisco, Avaya and Broadsoft technology, if you choose to run a hybrid solution.

What are the benefits?

Using VOSS, you will save time and money. For example, it’s at least six times faster to add a new user using VOSS automation, than using a manual administrative process. Plus, no specialized business communication solution training is required to operate. You can free specially trained resources from the burden of carrying out day-to-day MACDs, to focus on user adoption, tracking productivity benefits of communication systems and other more strategic initiatives that relate to business transformation.
Multi-vendor UC management | Avaya management | Cisco UC management | Microsoft UC | Audiocodes partner | Audiocodes SBC teams

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VOSS in action

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