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An Introduction to UC Service Management

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According to UC Today, who coined the phrase “Service Management” for the UC industry, the Service Management category started life in the IT industry. If you had the right service management solution in place for your IT network, then you had a complete view of your enterprise. Service Management solutions ensured that business leaders could see everything from issues with network operation, to potential security breaches.
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What is UC Service Management?

UC Today explains that “as the communication space has become increasingly essential to successful business operations, companies have now begun looking for ways to bring Service Management to UC”.

The UC world is a vast ecosystem, full of critical connections for business owners. UC Today writes that “UC service management tools allow companies an insight into the systems that previously escaped the attention of traditional IT monitoring tools. With service management systems, you can handle everything from tracking servers and gateways to providing zero-touch provisioning for new handsets and software.”

UC Today categorizes VOSS in the UC Service Management space, which encapsulates all vendors that offer an improved management experience when deploying and administering UC collaboration or contact center solutions. This includes UC management vendors such as VOSS, as well as vendors who only specialize in one area of UC – such as assurance, diagnostics, analytics, and monitoring.

VOSS – The Leading UC Service Management Vendor

In 2020, UC Today crowned VOSS the world’s leading Service Management vendor. You can read the press release here, or watch the awards video, here.

UC Service Management Roundtable Discussion

When UC Today hosted a roundtable discussion on Service Management, they invited VOSS to contribute. This was published on their website, here.

In the discussion, CEO of VOSS, Mike Frayne raised the point that many organizations usually deploy separate UC point solutions, which makes it harder to get a holistic view of the complete UC environment. Without a suite of tools for Service Management, administrative tasks need to be managed manually. This is an exhausting and error-prone experience.

He explains; “If your UC administration tools aren’t interconnected to your UC analytics and assurance tools – or indeed if there are no tools in place at all! – it will be even more difficult to analyse and troubleshoot faults, and impossible to apply corrective rules in the provisioning workflows to automatically correct those faults.”

Companies should be looking for ways to automatically respond when call quality falls, or a device stops working correctly, according to VOSS.

Read the full article, here.

Unlock the Value of Service Management

  • Comprehensive solution – Configure, monitor, migrate and analyze your multi-dimensional UC environment, on-premises and in the cloud, with VOSS.
  • Single point of integration – VOSS is unique in integrating UC fulfillment, UC assurance, UC analytics and reporting, UC accounting, and UC migration, across multiple UC vendors; all from a single, flexible, secure, web portal.
  • Unique – No other Service Management platform comes close to offering the depth of functionality that VOSS provides.
  • Ease of use – Ease of use is important. The goal should be to abstract out complexity when possible, yet support technical depth when that’s needed.
  • Flexibility – Flexibility is another major factor. Since UC services and architectures are in a constant state of flux, any management system must be able to adapt in parallel.
  • Single pane of glass implementation – A single interface used to perform all tasks — can boost ease of use and thus accelerate key tasks like service provisioning that are time-critical, thus also lowering operational expenses.
  • Role-based access control – RBAC allows different team members, with different privileges and responsibilities, to perform their job duties based on the requirements of those jobs.
  • Device management – If comprehensive, device management allows all the devices relevant to the UC architecture to be supported, instead of forcing managers to shift interfaces for certain tasks.
  • Optimized, flexible dial plan management – An enterprise’s telephony network is complex and ever-changing; the more flexibility in handling the way calls are routed across a VoIP network, the lower the operational costs will be, and the better able the Service Management system will be able to respond to changing service requirements.

What to Look for in a Service Management Solution

Not all Service Management solutions are created equal. The VOSS Service Management Solution is the most sophisticated, comprehensive, and feature-complete , and yields superior value as a result.Meeting the needs of an enterprise-class architecture will require a UC Service Management system to be able to support/address a number of critical tasks or infrastructural elements. These include virtualization and centralization, gateway management, SIP trunk management, aggregation layer management, and multi-vendor management. Clearly, necessary scalability (to support future growth) and security (to limit access only to the right individuals, with the right privileges) must also be provided.Support for expansion APIs can allow the organization to customize the UC Service Management system to suit its needs even more comprehensively over time, adding new functionality as it becomes necessary or creating new integrations.The VOSS UC Service Management platform addresses all of these requirements, in order to reduce an organization’s total cost of ownership.

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