A Government Success Story

City Government Agency Transitions to VOSS, Saving Time and Money

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The Challenge

This City Government Agency wished to transition away from Cisco Unified Communications Domain Manager (CUCDM) and chose to evaluate VOSS against some competing vendors. In addition to requiring higher levels of automation from the new management tool, they wanted to improve and streamline their bulk loading process.

City Government Agency introduces VOSS automation and zero-touch workflows to streamline business processes, fuel productivity, and enhance the employee experience

The solution

After careful evaluation, the City Government Agency chose VOSS Automate, the digital workplace management suite, to significantly improve the service delivery and management capability offered by CUCDM. There were four key reasons behind this decision:

  A strong Cisco HCS relationship and excellent knowledge of the Agency’s platform

  In-country support and technical resources, plus follow-thesun helpdesk

  Existing commercial contracting vehicle

  Superior product feature sets for Cisco UC

VOSS Automate icon

VOSS value

VOSS enables the City Government Agency to manage its entire Cisco estate and related elements – and any other vendor solutions they have in their environment – from a single point of control. Advanced automation and zero-touch workflows save the Agency both time and money.

In addition, VOSS’ Business Admin Portal and LDAP integration for single sign-on promote devolved administration and end user self-service, freeing system administrators to focus on more challenging tasks while improving the end user experience.