A Healthcare Success Story

Upgrade of legacy telephony system so all hospitals operate from the same platform

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The Challenge

This healthcare provider wanted to upgrade their telephony system – totalling over 160,000 endpoints – so that all hospitals and facilities were operating on the same platform, with a unified dial plan to speed communications and improve collaboration.

VOSS has given this healthcare provider the infrastructure to serve its enormous workforce, and to evolve its business model to open up new streams of revenue.

The solution

The healthcare provider selected VOSS to address the challenges involved in deploying and operating a multi-vendor collaboration platform across the large, complex workforce.

VOSS is the only digital workplace management platform that has the scalability to support largescale, multi-location operations. It can centrally manage this vast network, standardize processes and control costs, without restricting the independence of each department operating across multiple IP-PBX clusters.

VOSS Automate icon

VOSS value

Lower costs

Reduction in the number of skilled admins needed to manage the infrastructure

 Increased automation to remove cost of manual error

 Secure, delegated administration

Improved business productivity

 Greater efficiency from central resource and inventory management

 Reap the rewards of repeatability

 Scale the business quickly and cost effectively

User experience

 Faster collaboration service creation and delivery

 Improved end user experience

End user customization, self-service, and self-care