A Manufacturer Success Story

35,000 user mixed UC estate, managed by VOSS, results in improved customer experience and time saving

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The Challenge

This case study features a major global manufacturer that decided to switch from a traditional on-premises voice solution to a cloud-based unified communications model.

The manufacturer partnered with one of VOSS’s major solution providers to migrate over 30,000 Cisco users and 5,000 Microsoft Teams users on to a fully hosted UCaaS platform. However, the manufacturer quickly realized they needed more direct control of the platform and required a web-based provisioning portal that would enable them to carry out their own moves, adds, changes, and deletes (MACDs) in real-time to speed up resolution times and improve end user satisfaction.

VOSS customer success - manufacturing case study

After VOSS was deployed, escalations went down, and SLAs went up

The Solution

The solution provider evaluated various UC automation management tools and selected VOSS. The manufacturer was pleased with this decision because they had previously used VOSS in their on-premise environments and had had a positive experience.

VOSS offers a highly intuitive UC management portal with unlimited levels of role-based access control, allowing the provider to decentralize many day-to-day administrative tasks to the manufacturer. Additionally, VOSS is a vendor-agnostic tool that allows the manufacturer to manage both Cisco and Microsoft users from a single pane of glass, resulting in significant time savings.

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VOSS Value

Partnering with VOSS, the manufacturer can solve many of their own problems in real-time, reduce the number of tickets and deliver significant improvement in the end-user experience. The solution provider stated that “after VOSS was deployed, escalations went down and SLAs went up,” demonstrating the value provided by VOSS’ solution.