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Combined Cisco and Microsoft Teams Collaboration and Enterprise Voice Solution for SFR Business

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VOSS makes significant enhancement to SFR’s hosted Cisco Cloud through integration with Microsoft Teams

SFR Business approached VOSS with a requirement for a single management platform that would simplify, automate, and hide the complexity of the underlying management of the combined Cisco and Microsoft service.

Demand for integrating Microsoft Teams with existing telephony systems and for providing enterprise voice is becoming a must-have capability for our customers. We have worked collaboratively with VOSS to enable this solution and are now market-ready with a new and exciting edge to our UCaaS offering

François Ferveur

Director of Support, Operations and Platforms, SFR Business

Multi-vendor management from VOSS

SFR Business chose to extend its existing relationship with VOSS to incorporate Microsoft Teams, and to efficiently deliver and manage the full suite of Cisco and Microsoft collaboration tools.

Today, SFR Business offers integrated dialling between Cisco and Microsoft Teams clients, supports a wide choice of endpoints to suit the user’s role/application, makes available Cisco’s robust enterprise voice features, dial plan and call controls, and provides connectivity to the public telephony network for all enabled clients. Furthermore, SFR Business’ solution offers an easy migration path for individual users between the two services, as and when their needs change.

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VOSS value

VOSS automates workflows and day-to-day administration tasks, enabling SFR Business to make huge savings of time and money. SFR Business can fuel its customers’ collaboration and productivity, by empowering them to access and manage Cisco and Microsoft collaboration tools from a single point of control.