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During our 15 years of experience working with the world’s largest enterprises, government organizations and service providers we have seen the trend of IT teams integrating more and more of their IT systems. Automating the communication between IT systems, and the tasks or workflows those systems perform, represents a significant opportunity for enterprises. Without integration there is often the need for human middleware; people working between systems to keep workflows moving to completion. System integration reduces errors, improves productivity and speeds up processes and service time. However, when connecting IT systems together, UC solutions are typically left out. 

IT catalog

Service management,

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VOSS changes that by offering a UC management solution which enables adaptable business systems integration. This solution is VOSS Automate; the world’s most advanced digital orchestration platform. VOSS was created to improve unified communication management and help reduce costs associated with operating those solutions. The biggest cost of business communications solutions is the ongoing operating expense. To that end, our VOSS Automate product allows the addition of new UC users 6x faster than the manual process and provides a single point of integration to automate many other tasks.

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VOSS integrated digital workplace management

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Business Process Automation Framework

When we say VOSS offers “adaptable business system integration” we are referring to our revolutionary business process automation framework. The underlying core of the solution is a unique architecture allowing flexibility in connecting to other API enabled systems and executing non-API operations without expensive custom development. We understand the complexity of enterprise networks and have developed a solution with the horsepower to manage the complexity, and automation framework to simplify integration with other systems driving new value above and beyond UC management. 


VOSS utilizes REST APIs and a flexible API interface to communicate with IT systems. This secure and highly scalable RESTful communication structure simplifies the integration interface and improves application performance. 

Scripting Engine 

A unique VOSS feature used to automate external scriptable operations. For example: automatically configuring devices like routers and switches, executing external shell operations, file and data handling, and text-based data processing and more. 

This capability extends the reach of the VOSS Core framework outside of RESTful API communication and helps you achieve end-to-end automation. 

System Integration Example: Service Management 

Integrate with service request systems to allow service tickets to be actioned and the results fed back. Two-way integration with service request systems allows service tickets to be automatically actioned and the results fed back. 

One way to integrate UC solutions into the overall IT system is to connect to an IT Catalog / Service Request system (such as ServiceNow). This system could be used to request service changes for a phone or subscriber. VOSS can establish two-way communications with this application and automate the complex workflow to complete the needed UC provisioning tasks, update the ticket status and even send an email or text to the desired participants upon completion. 

System Integration Example: Zero Touch Provisioning

“Zero touch” or flow through provisioning: Integrate with Active Directory to automatically provision new users or update existing users. 

Another integration option is the case of onboarding a new employee. The employee may be added directly into an enterprise directory or into an HR management system that interfaces with the directory. VOSS will establish communication with the directory, poll it at set intervals checking for new users and then (based on each user’s location, title or special field) provision all of the required business communications applications, devices and services for that individual. Only the services allowed based on their role will be provisioned. In this case, VOSS runs in a completely automated fashion, so those performing the onboarding function don’t need special training. There is no need to change your existing onboarding process… other than removing the overhead of manual provisioning. This level of automation can be employed across the lifecycle of the UC user; moves, changes, removals, etc. 

Additional Integration Opportunities 

  • Northbound Integration – Simplify internal billing and cost allocation by providing near real-time updates on UC subscriber services. This integration encompasses many different operational and business support systems. 

  • Identity Management – VOSS Automate integrates with other administration portals, giving single sign-on capabilities to administrations, allowing integrated access to all management systems from a single log-in. 

  • Inventory Tracking – VOSS Automate allows an enterprise to track number inventory and all UC assets, serial numbers, and devices, to streamline expenditure and optimize resources. 

  • UC Analytics The VOSS Insights, Analytics module pulls data from multiple applications, devices and infrastructure, into a single dashboard, giving a big picture view of resource utilization. These data are then available for consumption by other IT systems. 

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