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  • VOSS UC Migration Solution

    Read how VOSS UC Migration Solution helps organizations automate and simplify the process of rapidly and efficiently migrating and on-boarding large volumes users, devices and services to a next generation UC platform.


    Don't believe everything you read! Large scale UC migrations are complex and expensive, and, as more services and devices per user are added, with richer and more customized features, migrations will only increase in complexity. So, take our advice; do not believe anyone who tells you that UC migrations are easy.

    Most organizations address migrations in a similar way:
    - Plan extensively, to gather the necessary data from the most reliable sources
    - Task highly experienced engineers to collating that raw data and loading it into excel spreadsheets
    - Employ excel experts to create complex macros to process the underlying data and build the correct input sheets with all the necessary formats
    - Test the data extensively

    Traditional migration processes are fraught with issues, regardless of how skilled and dedicated engineers and experts are:
    - Restrictions on the level of customization – vanilla only
    - During the migration process, no changes are allowed to the status quo, nor to the underlying data, or human errors rates rise exponentially
    - Ahead of cutover, everyone accepts 4-week (or more) business freezes, resulting in significant impact on business and frustration for employees
    - Significant post-migration costs are considered the norm for the obligatory cleanup of user complaints, due to their services not being migrated correctly

    At VOSS, we have been working in the enterprise communications migration business for over 10 years. Our latest offering, the VOSS UC Migration Solution, with the MiGR8-2-UC product at its core, goes a long way to address the significant complexity of UC migration, with benefits such as ...

    VOSS UC Migration Solution