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  • VOSS UC Overbuild

    Read how UC Overbuild offers a viable solution to enterprise organizations that have deployed IPT across parts of their organization, but that are yet to realize the full economic benefits of UC.


    IP telephony (IPT) has played a critical role in the evolution of corporate communications, originally as a cost effective way to achieve voice and data integration. Subsequently, IPT has evolved to unified communications (UC). UC brings an explosion of enterprise collaboration tools and services. Most organizations have Most organizations recognize that UC can improve business processes, enable staff to work more productively together, and save on travel costs.

    In more recent years, cloud communications has provided the industry with a real choice when it comes to the consumption model of IPT and UC. Virtualization has revolutionized the economic models of the central data center.

    If all this change is not enough, companies are facing a future impact from two rapidly evolving fields; mobile smart devices and consumer consumption models on the web. Both of these trends are creating massive expectations in today’s enterprise communications user base.

    As smart devices continue to expand their power, sophistication and reach, these devices are becoming the center of many people’s online lives, where integrated support for multiple devices is expected. In addition, web-based self- management and networking has become an increasingly common part of daily life, and users expect to have access to tools that will help them resolve their own change requests or access requirements, no matter where they are.

    Support organizations are expected to be able to deliver services to their users f aster and across multiple devices, plus provide them with tools to self-manage their services...

    VOSS UC Overbuild