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A vendor agnostic collaboration intelligence platform

VOSS Insights

VOSS provides the capability for UC migration, service fulfillment, provisioning, assurance and analytics, from a single pane of glass.

With VOSS Insights for MS Teams:

  • Combine multi-vendor collaboration data into one insightful view
  • Host in the cloud or on-premises
  • Utilize the data provided by MS Teams and enhance it with VOSS data to suit your specific business needs
  • Access highly customizable out-of-the-box dashboards and displays
  • See the quality of calls for MS Teams
  • View enriched user and inventory data
  • Access MS teams licensing in the same view as other collaboration tool licenses
  • Monitor the SBC as part of the solution
  • Collect container data collection
  • Benefit from easy and simple customization to suit your business needs and goals.

Providing end-to-end visibility

VOSS Insights is a vendor agnostic collaboration intelligence platform providing actionable insights for your communications environment. VOSS Insights integrates into Microsoft Teams and provides intelligence into your hybrid or cloud-based MS Teams architecture.

With a shift from traditional on-premises UC solutions to cloudbased tools, businesses still need the same insight into the service and quality that their users are experiencing. VOSS Insights provides end-to-end visibility into all UC platforms, whether they are onpremises, in the cloud, or a hybrid blend of both.

Sample dashboards
Call experience and call quality
Call streaming details and diagnostics
Performance metrics
Call analytics and statistics
Call count summary
Call qualty statistics

VOSS Insights vs Microsoft Online Reporting

Microsoft Online Reporting
VOSS Insights
Support for different chart types
Several chart types such as line, bar, table, and scorecard are supported.
Analysis of historical transactions
Historical transaction record details are visualized within 30 minutes after completion.
Current service health and incidents
Based on the region, the most recent service status and incident details are provided by the platform.
Dashboards and reports can be extracted.
Long-term data availability
VOSS Insights allows users to keep their historical data.
Customizable datasets
VOSS Insights allows users to produce their calculated fields based on the original dataset collected from Microsoft 365 APIs.
Customizable reports and dashboards
VOSS Insights allows users to produce their reports and dashboards via a WEB GUI interaction.
Multi-dimensional data visualizations
VOSS Insights allows users to populate and analyse their measurement values based on complex multidimensional comparison of attributes over time.
System performance centric data visualization
Default VOSS dashboards for Microsoft 365 identify issues about operational reliability, system capacity planning, and troubleshooting.
Scheduled reporting
VOSS Insights allows users to automate the report creation process to keep their team members in the loop with the latest and historical trends.
Consolidated view of data
All the data that is collected from on and off premise equipment along with cloud services can be visualized under the same VOSS Insights platform.
Support for multitenancy
Data that is collected for different tenants can still co-exist under the same VOSS Insights platform without any privacy issues. This allows users to analyse system performance data on a global or local level.
Publishing reports
VOSS Insights allows users to create their customized reports and dashboards and share them with the other users of the platform.
Multi-vendor reports
VOSS Insights allows customers to create their stakeholder reports and dashboards across all vendor solutions and systems providing a unified view of the user experience, end to end.

What business problems does VOSS Insights for MS Teams fix?

  • Analyze data from cloud-based or on-premises applications, across the network or UC
  • Understand MS teams call details – track a poor call and see all the data points for the call, down to the user’s hardware
  • See all alerts in one place
  • Manage call routing over the SBC and the MS Teams experience from a single view
  • Access different inventories across multiple UC environments
  • Manage license costs and make sure these are being utilized efficiently
  • Understand user / application adoption and the success of transformation to the cloud
  • Avoid using multiple portals
  • Utilize the power of VOSS Insights to access all critical service data from a single point of control
Sample dashboard 1 - image for VOSS Insights for Microsoft features sheet

Features of VOSS Insights for Zoom

See call quality such as jitter, packet loss, and round-trip delay, and turn this into an experience classification

Access call streaming data such as video, voice, and screen sharing, and classify every aspect on the collaboration experience

View call trending data and call volume analysis

See collaboration statistics such as meetings, messages, and the elements of Zoom users are consuming

View device detail and client information as a part of the call flow

See streams of data such as voice, video, screensharing and the quality for each of the collaboration methods

Understand call failures including call setup failures

See software and hardware versions

Access headset information as part of the call flow

See Wi-Fi details as well as signal details from the user point of view

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