The Real World is Messy: How to Embrace Microsoft Teams Phone in a Multi-Vendor UC Estate


The Real World is Messy: How to Embrace Microsoft Teams Phone in a Multi-Vendor UC Estate

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Presented by Kevin Kieller, Co-Founder, Enable UC, and Tim Jalland, Solution Manager, VOSS Solutions.

Recorded on Tuesday, January 31. 2023 – 8am San Francisco | 11am New York | 4pm London | 5pm Paris

VOSS Solutions is joined by industry analyst Kevin Kieller to discuss realistic transitions to Microsoft Teams Phone.

Discover and learn:

 Why choose Microsoft Teams Phone – What does it offer?
 Where to start – Which users to move onto Teams Phone, when and why?
 What the migration path looks like – How to go about it, how long does it take?
  Features gaps – How to handle incompatibilities for a complete solution?
 Managing your migration – How to move users whilst running systems in parallel?
 Removing complexity – How to create a unified management portal?
 Achieving success – What makes for a successful migration to Teams Phone?

Consolidate costly legacy voice platforms

Organizations are transforming IT and moving to the cloud; and voice is no exception. While many vendors demonstrate a perfect world where a single solution is used, the real world is “messy”. IT Pros must grapple with a mix of UC technologies and vendors, coupled with changing work practices, old and new technologies, and service desks.

Microsoft Teams Phone can help consolidate costly legacy voice platforms by moving the company’s voice platform to the cloud, however, for many organizations Teams may be used in conjunction with other technologies, and you still need to manage costs, simplify administration and improve end user experience.

Get this right and the rewards are enticing; deliver a better end-user experience, support flexible work styles, automate more of your UC management processes, modernize and rationalize older systems, optimize costs.

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