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  • Tech Talk Webinar – Direct Routing

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  • Tech Talk Webinar - VOSS-4-UC ServiceNow Integration

    This demonstration looks at VOSS-4-UC ServiceNow Integration, which consumes and actions service requests that originate from ServiceNow. This integration enables organizations to drive efficiency and service response times when managing large scale UC deployments.

  • Tech Talk Webinar - VOSS-4-UC Northbound Integration Module

    In this session, Tim Jalland explains how your organization could benefit from the VOSS North Bound Integration (NBI) module, which runs as a service alongside VOSS-4-UC and provides three critical functions:

    • - Control of the billing flow during initial customer provisioning
    • - Real-time billing updates once the customer is live
    • - Regular reconciliation between live and billing systems

    Tim demonstrates how VOSS NBI runs as a separate application alongside VOSS-4-UC, providing integration into billing and other northbound services through a near real-time RESTful API. He will show how this interface is used to transfer a billing payload that contains information on subscribers and associated services whenever a change is made to the live system.

  • Migrating to Microsoft UC

    Are you looking to speed your migration to Skype for Business, and improve end user adoption of Skype for Business tools?

    In this on-demand webcast replay, we discuss how to automate the process of migrating complex communications systems to Skype for Business. We will look at how a UC management solution can support the coexistence of disparate communications and collaboration technologies, providing a central admin portal for a seamless UC experience, and how this empowers organizations to make cost and time savings.

  • The Real Costs of Enterprise Communications

    Proven Research on Improving User Adoption Rates and the Productivity of Your Staff

    In this webinar, Robin Gareiss, President and Founder of Nemertes Research presents her latest quantitative data that shows the current breakdown of Enterprise Communications costs across all facets of the industry. Robin explains her findings that organizations who deploy UC management technology see a 59% reduction in their operational costs and a 34% increase in user adoption.

    Christopher May, Vice President and Co-Founder of VOSS Solutions analyzes the research data to see how the various management technologies not only improve the productivity of an organization's staff, but also significantly improve the adoption of unified communications applications. Christopher gives real life examples of how VOSS has become the leading provider of UC management technology, offering the greatest savings for UC implementation and operations costs as well as delivering higher levels of user adoption.

    Western Australian Government talks about their experience of implementing the VOSS UC operational management solution in their multi-agency environment. They explain how impactful the fully automated flow-through provisioning from VOSS has been on their operations, lowering the cost of adding additional agencies to their central UC platform.