VOSS Solutions

VOSS Professional Services

The VOSS Professional Services team provides a range of services to help customers design, deploy and manage their UC environments

About the Services Team

The VOSS Professional Services team provides end-to-end solutions support for our customers. Our focus is not on the products themselves, but rather on ensuring our products operate effectively within each customer environment.

To achieve this, VOSS brings together a unique combination of skills, including:

  • IP telephony, UC solutions, and network architects
  • OSS/BSS specialists, IT and SP operational specialists
  • Project managers, and of course VOSS product specialists

The VOSS team is truly global, with centers in North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and across Asia. We provide a range of services that spans the design, deployment, and migration phases of implementing a new UC platform, and provide a range of adaptation services to complement the latest generation VOSS-4-UC management platform. 

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Design and Build Services

VOSS engineers have extensive experience in the design, staging, production build, and commissioning of advanced, multi-vendor collaboration platforms:

  • Head-end build and commissioning

    Head-end build and commissioning - We help you in the planning, design, build, testing and commissioning of your communications production head-end, including the implementation of advanced collaboration fulfillment systems.

  • Dial plan design

    We support the design, development and validation of your enterprise-wide (multi-country) dial plan. We are also able to provide pre-designed dial plan templates, based on your particular industry vertical.

  • UC service design

    UC service design - We can help you design, configure and maintain your organization’s service offering. With an ever richer set of UC services, the need to plan and package multiple services levels to match various user profiles is essential. VOSS has extensive experience in designing a highly flexible unified communications service offering.

  • Platform evolution

    We offer support in the expansion of your platform infrastructure and UC service offering, to remain up to date with the latest technology.

  • Platform testing

    We test your reference or production platforms prior to the production build, which can greatly improve the design. The VOSS team can provide additional levels of solution testing via our test labs located in both the US and EMEA.

  • UC platform integration

    We offer point-to-point systems integration with multiple UC systems or multi-vendor platforms.

Migration Services

At VOSS, we offer a comprehensive product called MiGR8-2-UC to address the many different types of migration projects that our customers request.

The VOSS Professional Services team has been carrying out increasingly complex UC migration projects for over 10 years. The team draws on the expertise, processes and best practices to help organizations rapidly and efficiently migrate large volumes of users, devices and UC services to a next generation UC platform.

Our engineers will provide support through your UC transformation, to ensure that your data is migrated significantly faster, easier, and more consistently by a smaller and more productive deployment team, and with greatly reduced costs and effort in sourcing the mandatory input data.

In addition, we will make sure that there is an overall improvement in data accuracy, which will significantly reduce project risk and decrease re-work costs, whilst improving end user satisfaction levels.

Operational Services

VOSS-4-UC improves your operational processes, across the lifecycle of your communications platform. Our engineers ensure operational excellence by offering the following services:  

  • Operational readiness testing

    VOSS provides operational readiness testing, which includes support for all VOSS operational interfaces (GUIs, bulk loaders, site survey and API interfaces), and their effectiveness with the organization’s operational processes and procedures.

  • Field trials and pilots

    VOSS supports your field trials and pilots. VOSS has garnered many years of experience in on-ramping new customers onto the VOSS fulfillment management platform, and as a result, we enable customers to more quickly move from completed system build out to the launch of new customer field trials or pilots. Support for field trials can be provided through a mix of onsite and remote support.

  • Operational process re-engineering

    VOSS offers auditing and re-engineering of operational processes for the new UC management system, if required. Through our in-house, expert knowledge of both the VOSS management tool and business analysis skills in the service provider space, VOSS can assist organizations in examining their existing operational processes and provide recommendations for more efficient and effective use of their collaboration platform.

HCS Services

Come H.O.M.E with VOSS

Cisco HCS is an open architecture, so organizations can choose the UC management that best suits their needs. 

VOSS has a proven track record with, and a deep knowledge of, the Cisco HCS platform, and the VOSS Professional Services team has gathered a wealth of experience with HCS deployments, upgrades and migrations. VOSS supports HCS partners who choose to transition from CUCDM to VOSS-4-UC, the direct UC management platform from VOSS.

The program is called H.O.M.E., the HCS Open Management Evolution program. In just three easy steps, CUCDM customers can transition to VOSS-4-UC:

  1. Plan – Work with VOSS to create and document a transition plan
  2. Install and configure – VOSS will work with you to install and integrate the VOSS-4-UC platform
  3. Transition and support – VOSS will provide onsite and remote training and system reviews to ensure the H.O.M.E program is perfectly executed

By moving to VOSS-4-UC, HCS partners can expect to:

  • Maintain UC management continuity
  • Expand UC management capabilities
  • Increase UC adoption across your customers

There are many reasons to transition to VOSS-4-UC; it includes all existing functionality CUCDM currently offers, but with so much more. CUCDM customers transitioning to VOSS-4-UC would benefit from:

  • Coordinated management for Spark Hybrid
  • Improved reporting, data mining and troubleshooting with VOSS Analytics
  • Customized UC management to better adapt to operational processes and integrate with back office systems
  • UC management of both Cisco and Microsoft UC (including Skype for Business)