VOSS Solutions

VOSS for Avaya

Comprehensive control, management and assurance of Avaya enterprise voice applications for UC and CC.

Extend the benefits of VOSS-4-UC to users with Microsoft Teams, with a single point of control for all numbers, users, their services and their end-points.

Addressing the Future – Avaya Microsoft Teams

As enterprise organizations update their UC strategy to take advantage of the market leading capabilities of Microsoft Teams while continuing to benefit from their investment in existing Avaya systems, they seek to benefit from the improved mobility and agility of Microsoft Teams while relying on the continuity and robustness of Avaya’s enterprise voice. 

The challenge comes in managing this combined solution efficiently and seamlessly, so that users across both systems can communicate freely, whatever their choice of client. Investing in new, separate management systems, creating islands that cannot communicate, or driving unnecessary operational costs is not an option and organizations are increasingly looking to deploy multi-vendor management systems to resolve this.

VOSS-4-UC for Avaya

VOSS-4-UC provides a coherent single pane view of all UC applications, services, end points, and network infrastructure. It offers full feature parity and management with the latest UC applications (single stack: Microsoft and Avaya) and user on-boarding through intuitive workflows (Quick Add Subscriber) or bulk loaders (customer provisioning).

VOSS-4-UC on Avaya systems provides a comprehensive range of controls to manage users, their associated services, devices and numbers.

VOSS-4-UC in turn takes advantage of Microsoft’s Direct Routing technology to connect the two.

How it works

VOSS-4-UC provides management for the existing Avaya solution through an intuitive web portal – with access being controlled through comprehensive role and access profiles. All changes are managed and recorded into the VOSS-4-UC transaction log and this may be exported for further offline analysis and audit purposes.

The management may be extended out to manage a Microsoft Teams solution through the same web portal – providing a single view across the combined UC solution of all users, numbers, devices and associated services.

Bulk changes may be made through VOSS-4-UC bulk loaders and if required changes may be initiated from third party systems such as ServiceNow.

Avaya installations can be easily incorporated under VOSS-4-UC management – a process known as Sync and Overbuilding – providing a fast start for customers with existing installations that need improved and multi-vendor management.

In addition, we offer an end-user self service portal for Avaya, which provides end-users with the autonomy to make their own changes (MACDs) safely, removes customer/user frustration, and reduces the turnaround time for basic change requests like voice mailbox pin resets. The self service portal will save costs for the service provider or IT team manager by shifting the easy work off to the end-user, and brings a competitive edge to the service provider bidding for new customer deals. Read more here.


The Benefits

  • Provides comprehensive control and management of Avaya enterprise voice applications for UC and CC

  • Extends the benefits of VOSS-4-UC to users with Microsoft Teams – providing a single point of control for all numbers, users, their services and their end-points

  • Provides operational controls, audit and access profiles to manage changes across the combined estate of users and devices

  • Allows both Avaya and Microsoft clients to be deployed and freely communicate, including on-net calling between client types

  • Uses Microsoft Direct Routing technology to extend mature call control and robustness of Avaya Enterprise Voice – including central PSTN breakout services

  • Builds on existing Microsoft E3 licenses – keeping license costs to a minimum

  • Allows full flexibility, control and choice of tariff plans – reducing call costs

  • Provides a single and consistent integration point into high layer billing and reporting systems