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VOSS for Broadsoft

Cisco controls over 55% of the world’s UCaaS market, combining BroadSoft Providers with Cisco HCS Providers. For BroadSoft Service Providers, Cisco is now merging the BroadWorks and BroadCloud Platforms with the Cisco architecture, devices and applications (and vice versa for HCS Providers).

Best-in-Class Automation Solutions for Hybrid Cisco - BroadSoft Platforms

This means that UCaaS Service Providers who are operating on BroadSoft and/or Cisco HCS will need to manage “Hybrid” environments.

Fortunately, for UCaaS Service Providers, VOSS Solutions has extensive experience in managing hybrid-cloud and hybrid-vendor platforms; all from a single, central, flexible, control panel (or advanced portal) offering UC management across the full suite of UC functionality.

Best-in-Class Automation Solutions for BroadWorks Platforms

The BroadWorks technology underpins over 45% of the world’s UCaaS market today. It is by far the most successful UCaaS platform and this comes down to its compelling UC features (e.g. UC-ONE, My Room Collaboration, Desktop Sharing, etc.) and rapid development of an integrated service provider architecture (e.g. application servers, network servers, media servers, profile servers, IMS mobile integration, element management, and customer facing portals).

Historically, BroadSoft Service Providers have had to acquire third party automation or build their own orchestration tools to improve the operational efficiencies of the standard BroadWorks administration portal. Customer on-boarding, service profile management, number management, reseller autonomy, etc., have been issues that BroadSoft Service Providers have struggled with.

With VOSS-4-UC, the world’s leading independent vendor for UCaaS orchestration, now able to support BroadWorks, BroadSoft Service Providers are now able to introduce 100% levels of automation across the full lifecycle of their customers (i.e. vertical industry design, customer on-boarding, operational administration, and customer self-administration portals).

VOSS-4-UC enables BroadSoft UCaaS Service Providers to introduce the world’s leading UCaaS management toolset (fulfillment, assurance, analytics, billing) to existing deployments, or start completely fresh with a new BroadWorks platform.

VOSS also provides the most “agile” automation solution in the market today. This agility in the management stack, delivers BroadSoft UCaaS Providers with the ability to differentiate their offering, extending UCaaS into Communications Enabled Business Processes (CEBP) and digital transformation.

BroadWorks UC Management

VOSS-4-UC takes control of the management of any existing BroadSoft deployment, by syncing configuration and user data into logical hierarchy levels. A "single pane of glass", irrespective of the complexity of the hierarchy groupings (multi-platform, multi-reseller, multi-customer, multi-geography, etc.) provides a much more simplified and logical way to access and manage your UCaaS customers. As a result, operations teams are presented with a uniform and highly repeatable way of working and performing MACDs on any number of large deployments.

By harnessing the power of the VOSS-4-UC multi-vendor UC management solution, BroadSoft service providers can:

  • Carry out fully automated operational administration

  • Access a world-leading portal for centralised, multi-customer management

  • Offer a state of the art, customer administration portal

  • Single point of integration for the BroadWorks platform to provider and customer BSS and OSS systems (e.g. ServiceNow flow-through provisioning, billing feeds, etc.)

  • Fully integrate BroadWorks and Cisco Webex Teams

  • Fully integrate fixed-mobile architectures across both BroadWorks and Cisco HCS

BroadWorks Migration & Onboarding

At VOSS, we have taken the sophisticated ETL (extract, transform, and load) technology from the “big data” industry and successfully enhanced it to suit the unique demands of a UC migration process. The methodology used at VOSS is a DETVL (discover, extract, transform, validate, and load) approach that automatically and rapidly processes massive amounts of complex data, with very high rates of accuracy, through the following core phases:

  • Discover

    User and device data is mined and analyzed from a wide cross-section of multiple legacy system vendors and heterogeneous systems. A data audit is produced to enable the optimization of the data extraction and design of the transformation processes.

  • Extract

    Deep data extraction of user, device and advanced IPT settings. Automated cleaning and normalization of the data; all from multiple data sources and data types.

  • Load

    Automated, batch-based loading to the new UC network elements, ready for site cutover. Re-sync of originally extracted data can be performed prior to cutover to eliminate data-currency issues.

  • Validate

    Web-based access to the data to authenticate it in real-time ahead of loading. Data validation can be performed by end-customer site champions, through secure access control.

  • Transform

    Intelligent data transformation and enrichment of the collected data, using advanced business logic to configure rich UC services on a fully customized basis

Demo videos

  • VOSS-4-UC Phone Migration Tool for BroadSoft

    This demo shows how to migrate a Cisco UCM user and phone to BroadWorks, using VOSS-4-UC.

    Watch on Youtube

  • VOSS-4-UC BroadWorks Management

    In this demo you will learn how to manage BroadWorks with VOSS-4-UC. Includes Site Onboarding, Number Management and User / Device Onboarding

    Watch on Youtube

VOSS Modules for Broadsoft

  • VOSS Analytics

    VOSS Analytics allows you to quickly retrieve information from your Broadsoft platform on users, devices, services, licenses and transactions, through an easy-to-use web-based portal.

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    Northbound Integration for VOSS-4-UC provides integration from the Broadsoft platform into billing, asset management and other northbound service management systems. It monitors for provisioning changes to subscribers or their associated devices and services, issues real-time billing updates northbound for charging, and controls this billing flow during initial customer provisioning.

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  • VOSS Assurance

    VOSS Assurance integrates with VOSS-4-UC to enrich the data needed for monitoring and fault detection, leading to faster resolution. Add business context to the technical data available from your Broadsoft platform to ensure quality service delivery.

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  • M2UC

    VOSS M2UC enables BroadSoft Providers to access a set of specialist migration automation tools and professional services that will enable you to on-board customers much more effectively within the highly competitive cloud collaboration market.

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