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Come H.O.M.E. with VOSS

H.O.M.E. is the VOSS HCS Open Management Evolution program, supporting Cisco HCS partners as they transition from CUCDM to VOSS-4-UC.  

Ranked #1 UC operational management vendor, VOSS provides HCS partners with the tools they need to automate the management of their cloud communications platform.  


Cisco HCS is an open architecture, so organizations can choose the UC management that best suits their needs.

The current standardized CUCDM management capabilities in Cisco HCS result in a situation where the portal does not align with all your business requirements nor does it evolve as those change. This will impact your business in a number of ways, and hinder the success of your offering:

  1. Operational costs are too high which affects margins
  2. Difficulty to compete effectively and create new innovative solutions as there is no differentiation
  3. Deals are lost as solution flexibility is not available or related costs don't scale effectively
  4. Time to revenue on deals won is poor as it takes so long to get end customers deployed

What H.O.M.E can do for you

VOSS-4-UC provides the industry's most capable and flexible UC management solution that meets the varying needs and challenges of HCS partners and their end customers. By partnering with VOSS and utilizing VOSS-4-UC as your management platform you can maximize the value you drive into the market with your collaboration solutions:

  • Evolve and innovate your solution and market offering to compete more effectively

  • Advanced fulfillment fully supports and automates your solution with the flexibility to meet different customer needs

  • Differentiate your offering to the market to stand out

  • Integrate your UC solutions into business processes to bring more value to your customer, and increase revenue streams and stickiness

  • Improve operational value by benefiting from VOSS efficiency and ease of use

VOSS can help

When you move towards a direct relationship with VOSS, we will work in partnership with you to understand your business requirements better, and adapt our solutions to your needs, to enable you to be more successful in the UCaaS space.

We have a proven track record with, and a deep knowledge of, the Cisco HCS solution, and the VOSS Professional Services team has gathered a wealth of experience with HCS deployments, upgrades and migrations.


  • By engaging with your sales teams early, we will define additional requirements to allow you to win more business by being more competitive and comprehensive.

  • Our product roadmap is aligned to partner requirements, and we deliver these capabilities in a highly agile manner.

  • We can build specific capabilities enabling you to effectively differentiate yourself in the market and meet specific customer demands.

  • New capabilities from VOSS expand your value to customers, such as flow-through provisioning, service desk integration, contact center integration, reporting, and analytics.

  • By working with your deployment teams, we build workflows and provide migration tools and best practices to get customers deployed and in production much quicker and with much lower error rates.

  • We engage with your operations teams so your UC workflows are closely aligned with your business processes, to reduce operational costs, and to improve customer satisfaction.

  • We understand your broader systems environment, and work with you to integrate your UCaaS offer with your existing systems, such as billing and ticketing, to unlock and time cost savings.

  • The VOSS management portal overarches multiple UCaaS and managed platforms to provide a consistent end user experience. and significantly reduces overall operational costs.

  • VOSS is a multi-vendor UC management platform, for Cisco, Microsoft, Avaya and BroadSoft.

  • Get direct product and solution support from the VOSS experts who actually build and maintain the products.

  • Work with a single vendor who understands your business, to get an integrated set of management tools for migration, fulfillment, assurance and analytics.

VOSS delivers this value today

There are many reasons to transition to VOSS-4-UC; it includes all existing functionality CUCDM currently offers, but with so much more. Some of the capabilities we have developed in VOSS-4-UC that are currently meeting the business needs of our partners:

  • Coordinated Spark Hybrid management

  • Shared Architecture onboarding workflows

  • Additional MACD use cases and workflows

  • Business admin portal

  • Flow-through provisioning

  • Expanded integration capabilities

  • Generic driver - configurable API and GUI orchestration

  • ServiceNow integration

  • Northbound notification module

  • Billing integration options

  • Multi-vendor – e.g Microsoft, Avaya, BroadSoft

  • Phone-based registration

  • Cisco contact center support

  • Analytics and Assurance modules

About the program

The program is called H.O.M.E., the HCS Open Management Evolution program. VOSS has guided a number of Cisco HCS partners through the H.O.M.E program, and as a result, these providers now have the specific tools and workflows in place to minimize the time, cost and impact of managing their UC solutions.

  • Transition from CUCDM 10.x / 11.x

    This is completed via a simple upgrade of the system

    1. No major changes for existing customers/users on the system
    2. Introduce new capabilities and changes on your schedule
    3. VOSS can additionally provide best practice configurations and other setup recommendations based on our experience and your requirements to better suit your needs
  • Transition from CUCDM 8.x

    VOSS-4-UC can bring value to your existing CUCDM 8.x customer base

    1. Introduce new services with optimized processes – increase revenue and reduce costs
    2. Unlock the extensive benefits of VOSS-4-UC for existing customer base
    3. Customer retention with the latest portal offering and differentiation abilities
    4. Consolidation around single platform for existing and new customers
    5. Very active backlog and roadmap for new features and capabilities
  • Easy steps H.O.M.E

    VOSS has extensive experience transitioning many HCS  partners, managing both technical and business aspects of the transition. The simple steps include:

    1. - Plan: Work with VOSS to create and document a transition plan
    2. - Install and configure: VOSS will work with you to install and integrate the VOSS-4-UC platform.
    3. - Transition and support: VOSS provides onsite and remote training and system reviews to ensure the H.O.M.E program is perfectly executed
  • Get in touch

    The process of transitioning from CUCDM 8.x to VOSS-4-UC is the quickest and most effective way to modernize your management platform and realize the benefits it can provide. Contact us for more information on how you can benefit from transitioning from 8.x and the details around the processes/tools to make it happen.

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