VOSS Solutions

Migrate to Microsoft UC, on-premises or in the cloud

Find out how VOSS M2UC makes migration to Microsoft UC both seamless and painless

Is your organization considering a migration to Office 365 or Microsoft Teams?

The decision to move your organization away from a traditional PBX or legacy VoIP system is difficult to make, and will present you with a number of critical elements to consider:

  • How do I get a clear view into our current solution if it was built by individuals who are no longer here?
  • Will there be gaps in functionality between the solution we have built and what we need to build?
  • How can I transition my organization at a pace driven by our business needs and not operational headaches?
  • Can I migrate important legacy information from our old environment into our new one, rather than trying to source this data manually?
  • Can I leverage any of my legacy equipment with the new solution?
  • What is the best solution to fit our company's unique needs?  Surely we can upgrade our design during the transition?
  • Can I leverage Microsoft's Phone System to meet all our needs?

The VOSS Way

With VOSS Solutions, you will work with a team of UC experts to help you plan and execute a successful migration to Office 365 and/or Microsoft Teams.

Using M2UC, a sophisticated tool specifically designed to carry out complex UC migration projects, VOSS will move your existing UC experience into your new Microsoft UC environment with minimal hands-on effort. Your migration is planned and executed thoughtfully, with careful consideration of unique user personas, services, and geographic or business-driven requirements. With in-house Microsoft UC expertise, VOSS will ensure your migration goes as smoothly as possible and that your Office 365 or Skype for Business deployment is tailored to meet your specific needs.

The Benefits

Using M2UC, you can:

  • Migrate sites and users on your timeline
  • Understand the features and functionality you need
  • Automate data transformation, allowing a low-touch user migration from multiple sources
  • Improve data accuracy and provide less room for manual error
  • Optimize your migration project and create the ideal Microsoft UC solution

By working with VOSS migration tools, you will:

  • Improve adoption and consumption velocity
  • Improve the onboarding experience (< 1% errors)
  • Rapidly accelerate your time to value
  • Save money by lowering the resources required to manage a large-scale migration
  • Upgrade your design as part of the migration

M2UC connects directly to your legacy environment and pulls the data into a simple portal that is complete with role-based access control. This will enable your organization to get the clearest view of your current state possible, so that your Office 365 and/or Microsoft Teams deployment experience is the best that it can be.