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Improve Productivity with Office 365 and Microsoft Teams

Unlock the power of voice, messaging, meetings, team collaboration and email in the Microsoft Cloud with VOSS

Digitally Transform your Organization

Communication and collaboration have become vital to the way individuals work within and across organizations. Microsoft’s Office 365 and Microsoft Teams are a cloud-based, integrated UC solution connecting teams through online-hosted voice and video to increase user productivity. Office 365 offers an ever-expanding list of applications including secure email, chat-based teamwork, document sharing, and more. The addition of Microsoft’s Teams Phone System brings audio calling and conferencing capabilities into the cloud.

Together, these applications make up the Office 365 Productivity Suite, helping organizations revolutionize how they do business.

But Challenges Remain...

Moving to the Microsoft cloud does not come without challenges. Many organizations:

  • Have complex needs requiring short- or long-term hybrid or multi-vendor configurations
  • Lack expertise in advanced PowerShell to execute complicated or tedious changes
  • Must navigate between multiple applications to perform common, operational tasks (ex: MACDs)
  • This leads to an increase in support efforts and costs, data disparity across environments, and a decrease in operational efficiency.

VOSS provides a unique solution to address these problems, allowing you to consume Office 365 and Microsoft Teams Phone System in a way that makes the most business sense for your organization.

With VOSS’ Office 365 and Microsoft Teams Online solution, you receive expert guidance in designing and deploying a customized communication and collaboration suite in the cloud, with the option for ongoing, management as a service from VOSS.

A Closer Look at Voice in the Cloud

Moving PBX functionality and Audio Calling into the Cloud

Organizations have traditionally consumed call control and PSTN services via an on-premises PBX phone system. With Microsoft’s introduction of Skype for Business Phone System, businesses can successfully move their calling and conferencing voice capabilities into the secure Microsoft cloud for simplicity and, often times, notable cost savings. Microsoft's Phone System provides  features similar to traditional legacy system (ability to make and receive phone calls, transfer calls, voicemail & more) while avoiding the high costs associated with on-premises equipment and deployment. When the Phone System is combined with Microsoft’s suite of Office 365 productivity applications, you can create an all-in-one communication and collaboration solution that is optimized for your business.

VOSS Tools for a Successful Cloud Deployment

To simplify the management of your Microsoft Cloud solution, VOSS offers a unique set of tools & services.

  • VOSS-4-UC can be used to easily provision, manage and operate your Skype for Business Phone System solution, along with other Office 365 applications and other common vendors, through a single pane of glass. This includes the provisioning of Microsoft Teams.
  • Included in your Office 365 deployment is VOSS' Microsoft Teams Voice and Meetings in the Cloud offer incorporating Microsoft’s proven Practical Guidance for Cloud Voice. Previously known as the Skype Operations Framework, this new methodology has evolved to fit in Microsoft's successful FastTrack program for Office 365 deployments. This Guidance is used to Envision, Onboard, and Drive Value within your new Microsoft Teams and Cloud Voice environment. It helps ensure successful adoption and customer satisfaction with your new Teams Cloud Voice services.
  • VOSS can assist with your migration from a legacy voice or on-prem S4B environment (Learn more about VOSS' migration tool M2UC).

By bringing features like email, instant messaging & presence, meetings, team collaboration and calling together in the cloud, your organization can offer a streamlined business solution to improve operational efficiencies and lower costs: a truly “better together” experience.


VOSS + Office 365 and Microsoft Teams

By teaming up with VOSS for your Office 365 & Skype for Business deployment, you receive our unique suite of tools wrapped around best-in-class UC features. With VOSS + Office 365, you receive:

  • Office 365 & Microsoft Teams Phone System, Advanced Email, Online Meetings, Teams Collaboration, & more productivity applications, wrapped in VOSS management tools. Microsoft Office 365 licenses can be procured by VOSS, Microsoft, or a Distributor.
  • VOSS-4-UC, a revolutionary and highly flexible management tool designed to simplify complex and time-consuming operational tasks spanning multi-vendor, hybrid, online and on-premises UC configurations. Enjoy a simplified rollout with automation templates, zero-touch provisioning, and licensing management. VOSS provides role-based administration through an easy to use interface.
  • Admin Training for VOSS Tools plus 24x7 Admin & End-User support
  • VOSS’ team of world-class Skype for Business engineers who will ensure Office 365 is architected and deployed to meet the specific needs of your organization
  • Option to employ VOSS management as a service to operate your VOSS tool set

Our extensive experience with voice deployment for Enterprise assures that Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams and Phone System will be configured successfully based on your specific needs.

Practical Guidance for Cloud Voice and it's role at VOSS

By choosing VOSS, you gain access to a professional services team that incorporates deployment methodologies based on Microsoft’s Practical Guidance for Cloud Voice to successfully envision, onboard, and drive value within your Skype for Business Online and Cloud Voice solution. As part of the VOSS + Office 365 Offer or as a standalone deployment, VOSS incorporates core activities from Microsoft's FastTrack for Cloud Voice methodology for a successful cloud deployment. Paired with VOSS' advanced solutions and services, each activity can prevent common Enterprise deployment issues creating a smooth transition of your voice and meeting services into the cloud.

"How do I assess what I currently have, understand what changes need to be made, and build a successful solution without in-house Microsoft expertise?"

  • Envision: VOSS helps you thoughtfully and strategically plan your implementation. This stage includes vision creation, assessment, design and preparation. Whether it's your first UC deployment or you need to migrate from an existing environment (Lync 2010/2013 on-premises, CISCO, or other legacy tool), VOSS plans and executes every step. User personas, site-by-site design, and UC workflows are built and your new Microsoft solution is created to fit your unique needs.

"I need to migrate to and deploy a solution on a schedule that meets our business need. During and after that transition, I worry about the success of the tool and the IT resources it will require to manage it and other vendor solutions."

  • Onboard: VOSS delivers your solution on your strategic timeline. We’ll ensure the environment is ready, drive the deployment, ensure users are enabled and the solution is adopted for maximum return on your investment. Using VOSS-4-UC, we will design and deploy a greenfield Microsoft UC solution to simplify your user onboarding and minimize impact to end users during transition. Utilizing pre-tested design, automation templates, and system integration capabilities, you can speed up your implementation and create a solution catered to meet your needs. Throughout this process, VOSS will share valuable knowledge around the deployment and teach your team how to navigate within VOSS-4-UC. Proven adoption methodologies will be implemented to ensure you reach each milestone of customer success.

"Our IT staff has little to no experience managing a cloud voice and meeting solution, especially one requiring advanced Microsoft configurations and applications."

  • Drive Value: Voss will ensure you have a high quality, reliable solution complete with monitoring options, support, and service reports to ensure the solution runs smoothly. Using Microsoft's Call Quality Dashboard or VOSS Analytics and Assurance tools, you will have the right insight to address issues and keep your deployment on track. The VOSS training team will provide guidance to designated tool administrators on how to manage your solution with the VOSS tool set. As you manage your new solution, support for VOSS and Skype for Business will continue to be available to ensure smooth operations after deployment. If VOSS management as a service (MaaS) is elected, VOSS will continue to operate your VOSS solution and manage day-to-day operations in your new environment.
  • VOSS helps your organization recognize ROI and drive value by incorporating proven adoption strategies and guidance on how to achieve end-user success with your solution. Detailed reporting across sites and vendors is available with VOSS Analytics, and will help you visualize and understand your usage and adoption trends. Using those insights, VOSS will help you execute changes to improve user adoption and maximize value.