VOSS Solutions

Accelerate customer migrations and lower management costs with VOSS for Microsoft Service Providers

Learn how VOSS increases operational efficiency and supports complex service provider UC environments  

Need a simple solution to manage your complex customer requirements?

As a Microsoft UC Service Provider, your organization encounters a unique set of challenges to effectively manage customers.

  • Limited visibility into administrative activity and audit trails within customer accounts
  • Minimal flexibility in controlling level of access across customer environments and applications
  • Disparate environments (hybrid configuration, multi-vendor, legacy systems) make it difficult to see the full picture
  • Common tasks like MACDs and user provisioning require logging in to multiple applications and GUIs
  • Analytics, reports and remediation are spread across tools and environments

Easily simplify your management with VOSS-4-UC

VOSS-4-UC is an intuitive, all-in-one application used by service providers to manage their customers’ unique, UC environments through a single pane of glass. With VOSS, providers have successfully overcome these challenges, reducing their IT resource requirements and increasing their operational efficiency to provide a top-notch customer experience.

Within VOSS-4-UC, you have access to features like role-based access control and a robust admin audit trail, giving you complete authority and insight into your customer accounts. Fully customize user accessibility by limiting visibility and the type of changes possible in a customer’s environment. Easily access an audit trail from within VOSS-4-UC, where configuration changes and user activities are collected across multiple vendors and environments and stored in one, convenient place.

Decrease time to manage MACDs, to focus on usage and adoption

Without VOSS, common tasks like MACDs, user provisioning, and managing Microsoft licenses require administrators to access and manage numerous applications. VOSS’ unique flow-through provisioning will automatically coordinate the provisioning steps between disparate systems. By defining each customer’s provisioning rules up-front, you ensure faster delivery of services and create a seamless and repeatable onboarding experience.

Functional integration ensures you can easily tie in your billing and other third-party tools to VOSS-4-UC create an all-in-one application. VOSS has also integrated in-house tools for key features like analytics and assurance to greatly improve your visibility and time remediate issues. VOSS Analytics provide you with detailed reports on product adoption and usage, while VOSS Assurance enables you to see issues in real-time and act on them quickly without switching tools.

Service providers who incorporate VOSS into their offering can easily consolidate the tools and activities necessary to manage and support their customers. Doing so improves their customer visibility while improving operations and customer satisfaction.