VOSS Solutions

VOSS takes your Microsoft UC deployment to the next level

Automate and simplify your deployment of Microsoft Teams; including the transition from S4B to Microsoft Teams

Digitally transform your organization with Microsoft Teams

Communication and collaboration among individuals and teams play a vital role in an organization's success. Microsoft is at the forefront of this workplace productivity transformation with Teams; a single application to meet the calling, conferencing, video and team collaboration needs of the modern-day business.

Despite the many perks of moving from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams, the decision to do so can easily be placed on hold due to lack of internal resources, experience, and drive to make the transition.

VOSS greatly reduces the stress of planning, transitioning, and operating Skype for Business and/or Microsoft Teams, through expert guidance and best-in-class tools wrapped around your UC solution.

Transitioning to Microsoft Teams with VOSS

Whether you are interested in deploying Microsoft Teams directly, or transitioning from legay Skype for Business on-premises to the cloud, VOSS delivers the best solution to fit your unique business needs.

Microsoft Teams comes wrapped in VOSS-4-UC, a UC operations management platform that greatly reduces the amount of hands-on work required to manage a Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams transition.

With VOSS-4-UC and Microsoft Teams (or staying with Skype for Business), you will:

  • Reduce the time and resources required to make MACDs
  • Increase operational efficiency and accuracy with "zero-touch" provisioning
  • Execute a simple, customizable deployment using automation templates
  • Benefit from role-based access control, decentralized administration, and end user self-service
  • Access a robust audit trail spanning multiple environments
  • Manage disparate (hybrid and multi-vendor) UC environments through a single interface

A closer look at UC operations management and user provisioning

UC operations management and provisioning of a Microsoft Teams user and associated services & devices can take an average of 15 minutes per user with multiple steps. Add on multiple environments or phone systems and that time nearly doubles to 30 minutes per user. 

But one of the biggest issue with the Microsoft Cloud architecture today is the fact that each step in the multi-step service activation process can have an unpredictable completion time.  Due to servere "load" issues on the cloud-based Office-365 and MS-Teams system, each activation sub-step might normally take 1 minute, but could take 2 hours to complete.  

Without VOSS, organizations may have to log into a long list of applications: AD users and groups console, Exchange and Teams control panels, the Office 365 licensing portal, and more.  Each step's activation latency is unpredictable and so you have sit, watching your screen, waiting for it to complete before you can proceed to the next step.

By incorporating VOSS-4-UC into your Microsoft Teams solution, a multi-step, "high-latency", process becomes a single button press ... and you can get on with other work while VOSS takes care of multiple steps and the individual latency uncertainty.

The net result is a significant reduction in the amount of time actively spent provisioning and managing users.