VOSS Solutions

Manage your Microsoft UC deployment with VOSS UC management

Discover VOSS-4-UC, VOSS Analytics, and VOSS Assurance to enhance your Microsoft UC

By incorporating VOSS UC management into your Office 365 and Skype for Business deployment, you can greatly improve your operational experience, and significantly lower the time required to provision and manage your UC services.

VOSS-4-UC is a management tool wrapped around your UC deployment to simplify daily management activities.
On a typical day, IT teams may need to perform multiple MACDs, provision and de-provision users, manage licenses and telephone numbers, and much more. These tasks often require moving between several applications, and an advanced technical aptitude in Microsoft UC administration and Powershell scripting.

  • Highly sophisticated UC management through a single control panel
  • Zero-touch provisioning
  • Zero-touch transitioning from S4B to Teams
  • Simple and customizable deployment with automation templates
  • Ability to manage disparate (multi-vendor or hybrid) environments in one GUI
  • Role-based access control  
  • Robust audit trail spanning multiple environments

Expand your vision with VOSS Analytics and Assurance

VOSS Analytics

Analytics plays a critical role in driving user and service adoption, and demonstrates clear ROI for UC deployments. VOSS' Analytics enables you to:

  • Perform intuitive analysis, reporting and auditing
  • Improve UC adoption
  • Identify business trends
  • Track license consumption
  • Export data or use APIs for third party integration

VOSS Assurance

The latest addition to VOSS-4-UC, VOSS Assurance provides a comprehensive view into business and operational performance.  It is integrated with VOSS-4-UC for data enrichment and provisioning support, enabling organizations to proactively ensure a positive experience for end users:

  • Monitor and track UC quality
  • Enrich UC data
  • Identify and Resolve problems faster 
  • Troubleshoot more easily
  • Predict issues before they occur (trend analysis)
  • Exceed user performance expectations
  • Reduce UC operational costs

Make the most of your Microsoft UC environment

Productivity benefits

  • Retain knowledge within the organization and free engineers from repetitive tasks
  • Benefit from faster triage times and avoid data slippage
  • Improve integration with legacy systems

End user benefits

  • Access a single portal for all UC services and maintain strategic control of the UC environment
  • Achieve faster service delivery for new applications
  • Offer real-time self-service to end users

Financial benefits

  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Make implementation, operational, and capital savings