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VOSS for Providers

VOSS offers a multi-tenant UC management platform which gives Providers a single pane of glass view into all of their customers, the associated Cisco and Microsoft UC applications, user endpoints, and network infrastructure.

VOSS UC Management

VOSS for Providers is a comprehensive solution for hosted and managed service providers, and system integrators. It is based on more than a decade of experience working with the world's largest service providers and cloud providers. VOSS UC management technology is at the center of the solution and provides a single pane of glass view into all underlying UC applications, user endpoints and network infrastructure across customers. VOSS for Providers helps you scale up your business, improve customer satisfaction, increase service margins, and provides additional revenue opportunities.

VOSS-4-UC offers a wealth of benefits to service providers and systems integrators, enabling you to manage your UC environment and the various disparate network elements, from a single point of control.

  • Dial plan management

    VOSS-4-UC empowers service providers to create dial plans and manage their elements flexibly and dynamically, to suit the needs of your customers.

  • Automated management

    Automated workflows and system templates simplify provisioning and eliminate complex decision making to reduce errors when adding new users or performing MACDs.

  • Flexibility

    Workflows and templates can be easily adapted to suit each customer's unique needs, delivering a cost-effective personalized solution; increasing your service “stickiness” to reduce churn.  

  • Role-based access control

    Multi-tenant capabilities with unlimited levels of role-based access control are available to divide up administrative duties across customers, according to your needs.

  • User management

    A built in self-service portal offloads simple changes (like pins & password resets) from your technical team to your customers' end users.

  • Interface customization

    All administration pages and the self-service GUI can be customized and branded to give a personalized look and feel.

  • Business systems integration

    VOSS-4-UC flexibly connects to other API-enabled systems and executes non-API operations without expensive custom development.

UC management, with so much more!

The VOSS UC management platform is further enhanced with a range of products, optional components and services, to make sure you get the most from your UC environment. 

  • VOSS Assurance Module

    VOSS Assurance integrates with VOSS-4-UC to enrich the data needed for monitoring and fault detection leading to faster resolution. Add business context to the technical data available from your UC solution to ensure quality service delivery.

  • VOSS Analytics Module

    The VOSS Analytics module provides service providers with reporting and business intelligence to give you and your customers a better understanding of UC consumption and activity levels across various customers and sites. You can track inventory, service usage, licence consumption, most frequent transactions, and more.  

  • VOSS Self-service

    The VOSS Self-service module is a fully customizable, intuitive and secure web-based portal, enabling service provider administrators to decentralize administrative tasks down to the end customer and end user. Your customers' end users can manage their services, features and devices, in real-time, from any location, on any smart device.

  • M2UC

    VOSS M2UC is a highly automated product, built on powerful technology to remove the pain of migrating your customers from a legacy voice system or a prior UC software version, to the latest UC system. Utilizing our Discover, Extract, Transform, Validate & Load (DEVTL) framework, we perform deep data discovery and analysis to make sure all of your customer's data is moved seamlessly into your new UC solution.

  • VOSS Adaptations

    VOSS Adaptations enables you to tailor your UC environment to suit your exact needs, without complex, labor-intensive coding and the associated time and budget implications. If required, VOSS rapidly adapts VOSS-4-UC data and device models, configuration templates, orchestration workflows and IT integrations, all within a highly agile, core product framework, to better match your business requirements, and the requirements of your customers. 

  • VOSS Global Services

    The VOSS Professional Services team has a wealth of experience with provider UC deployments, and offers a range of services to ensure the success of UC providers.

    VOSS also offers expert-led, classroom-based training designed to deliver a comprehensive understanding of how to build, configure and administer VOSS-4-UC.

Calculate the benefits now!

VOSS has teamed up with Mainstay Salire to create a benefits calculator, that helps service providers and enterprises work out how much they could save by deploying the VOSS software. We invite you to input some information about your organization to calculate how much you could save with the VOSS service fulfillment management platform.

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