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Manage your Microsoft collaboration and productivity technology, with VOSS

The VOSS digital workplace management suite will help you significantly improve your service delivery for Microsoft solutions in your environment. The suite provides an extensive set of capabilities:

VOSS Automate

The world’s most advanced digital orchestration platform

VOSS Insights

Actionable intelligence about your digital workplace

VOSS Migrate

Highly automated big data transformation suite

The VOSS suite will help you deliver across the Microsoft collaboration and productivity portfolio:

Microsoft Azure AD
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft productivity apps
Microsoft session border controllers

How it works

For enterprises, government organizations, and hosted or managed service providers, VOSS enables you to manage your Microsoft estate and related elements – in addition to any other vendors or solutions you have in your environment – now and into the future.

Key highlights specific to Microsoft environments

VOSS Automate

VOSS Automate
Single interface for task orchestration means no more jumping between portals, waiting for syncs between Microsoft services, or using PowerShell to achieve day to day tasks.
Safely devolve administration with granular permissions, partitioned data, and no powershell knowledge required – empower low tier helpdesk and business users to invoke change
Ability to integrate your Microsoft collaboration tasks into your wider business processes and applications easily and quickly. Examples such as user onboarding, ticketing systems, service portals, and expense management all greatly extend your automation and operational efficiency
Extend beyond user-related services to dial plan, user resources, and other elements for a comprehensive solution
License management
Comprehensive number inventory – say goodbye to spreadsheets
Drive innovation – utilize your existing telephony estate along with the latest Microsoft service in an integrated mode to create best-of-breed solutions

VOSS Insights

VOSS Insights
Improve visibility into your system performance and service quality to understand:
  • How your UC applications and infrastructure are performing
  • The level of quality service you are delivering to end users
  • How to quickly solve, or proactively prevent, service affecting issues
Accelerate adoption and usage with key insights from detailed dashboards and reports, to understand:
  • The capacity of your system compared to your projected growth
  • The level of usage and adoption across the UC services you are paying for
  • How to quickly see how many users, devices, and services are deployed, and their location

VOSS Migrate

VOSS Migrate
Discover services and settings from existing estate – e.g user number assignment, services utilized, and data not available in your directory today
Reduce migration timelines and costs with improved accuracy resulting in greatly improved user satisfaction and adoption of the new services. This ensures you can realize the benefits of the new service faster and the transition is easier

VOSS suite of tools

VOSS helps you improve your service delivery and operation costs around your Microsoft solution, whether it is your only solution or part of a wider multi-vendor solution. Please see the detailed business benefits of the VOSS suite of tools.

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