VOSS and Microsoft Launch Partner Pivot Program


Service Providers: What to Do When Your UCaaS Platform Starts to Lose Steam

See esteemed industry analyst, Metrigy’s take on the VOSS Pivot Program

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Operators’ End Customers are Accelerating their Strategies to Transition Off Legacy UCaaS Platforms

VOSS teams up with Microsoft to empower operators to retain these end customers by easing their migration to cloud-based phone and collaboration solutions.

The partner pivot program from VOSS and Microsoft is designed to allow operators to capitalize on the value and opportunity that cloud-based collaboration and phone services unlock for their end customers.

Mike Frayne, CEO, explains the Pivot program in a nutshell

What you’ll get with the Pivot program

A range of planning and enablement services

An automated migration path to move end customers to the cloud

An award-winning UC performance and automation management toolset

Engagement with Microsoft

Seven Reasons Why

  1. Move customers to Microsoft Teams Phone System in a managed and non-disruptive way with VOSS migration packages
  2. Improve customer engagement and reduce service desk calls through a self-service portal
  3. Upsell and deploy new customer features and capabilities with intuitive workflows     
  4. Consolidate existing hosting platforms to rationalize services
  5. Increase efficiency, reduce costs, and relieve the burden on highly skilled technical staff with automation
  6. Target new high SMB segments in a fast and profitable way with zero touch administration 
  7. Improve prospective customer feedback and win ratios with support and assistance including advice, trials, and best practice on customer solution design    

Don’t just take our word for it

Discover what esteemed industry analyst, Metrigy’s metrics say and see what their take is on the VOSS Pivot Program. Read the blog post.

Read our latest press release about the Partner Pivot program

Pivot with VOSS and ease your end-customer transition from traditional telephony to Microsoft Teams Phone

The VOSS digital workplace management suite will help you significantly improve your service delivery for Microsoft solutions in your environment, whether it is your only solution or part of a wider multi-vendor solution. For more information, see the detailed business benefits of the VOSS portfolio.