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Control VOSS-4-UC with natural language commands


VOSSBot provides a simple way to control VOSS-4-UC, using natural language Instant Messages via common chat tools such as Skype, Slack and others. Responding to and engaging over a wide range of natural language topics, VOSSBot executes complicated and time consuming management tasks quickly and consistently.

The growing field of artificial intelligence and BOT technology shows huge promise as a way to enhance productivity and user experience. The VOSS f(X) team started the VOSSBot project as a way to showcase:

  • The flexible deployment options of VOSS-4-UC
  • The powerful integration capabilities to connect your UC solution to your broader business and IT systems
  • And, how straightforward UC management can be with the right tools.

Let us know what you think, could BOT technology help with your UC management? Are you currently using artificial intelligence or BOT technology anywhere in your business? If so, is it in your production environment or just as a proof of concept? If not, what are the objections or concerns?

Take a look at the below details and let us know if there are any additional use cases that VOSSBot could help you with.

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Project Details

VOSSBot leverages the VOSS flexible API interface. This secure and highly scalable RESTful communication scheme simplifies integration and improves application performance. So not only can the Bot connect to VOSS-4-UC to drive automated workflows, VOSS-4-UC could be integrated with other HR or IT systems to extend automated workflows across the business.

In our demonstration example communicating with the Bot provisions a new user with all of their entitled UC services and it also orders business cards as an example of integration to other business systems. This could simply be an automated email or a connection to a ticketing system like ServiceNow to extend the automated workflow.

VOSSBot also leverages Microsoft’s BOT framework so anyone with BOT development knowledge could build capabilities to interface with VOSS-4-UC.

The goal of VOSSBot is to reduce the burden on IT, and improve UC service delivery across the enterprise by empowering non-technical employees (e.g. in HR or LOB manager) to make changes to the UC system by ‘chatting’ directly with the software; no need for specialized training or access a specialized interface.

VOSSBot is the front end, but VOSS-4-UC is behind the scenes enforcing your defined role based access control and provisioning new users or making changes to existing users based on your design rules. All of the same business logic still applies, only the front end interface changes. Additionally, any VOSSBot transaction is recorded with the same level of detail as if you used the typical administrative interface.