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Contact Center Express

VOSS support for Cisco Contact Center Express (UCCX)


Current Status: POC phase

Availability: Demo and lab work

Summary: Solutions that incorporate Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX) as part of their solution typically manage the application through a mix of manual efforts, disparate management applications, and spreadsheets. This VOSS f(X) innovation targets the automation of UCCX management using VOSS-4-UC.

We've developed the below use cases with partners and expect to develop further capabilities based on the API evolution and partner feedback. Take a look at the below use cases and then we'd love to hear your feedback and better understand your specific experience:

  • Is your current UCCX management interface limiting customer adoption?
  • What UCCX administrative use cases would you liked to see automated?
  • What customer self-service use cases would you like to offer?

So, whether you have a mature UCCX installation or are looking to add it to the offering, we can help ensure you have a streamlined process to manage it, and provide devolved administration, as well as effective billing/cost allocation for the services.

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Project Details

We are looking to expand our recently released VOSS-4-UC Contact Center module to also include management for UCCX. Like the UCCE solution, this will provide a solution to manage the combined UC and UCCX back office and front office elements through a single domain manager portal. Here are the use cases under development:

  • Mechanisms to add/change/delete agents
  • Manage agent desktop settings
  • Manage agent teams and supervisors
  • Manage skill groups
  • Manage workflows and associated (default) entitlement profiles

Customer self-service is an important aspect of our development. We want to provide customer control to make simple changes without delay.

This is a VOSS Innovation, which means it's being beta tested by customers but still in development. It's a great time to incorporate your feedback into the product.

What do you think of VOSS-4-UC Contact Center? Let us know!

What you can expect

Our goal is to improve your operational efficiency and provide a mechanism to meet the demands of your customers:

  • A consistent approach to managing back office users and front office agents – a faster, more accurate and simpler way to manage change
  • Improved customer experience – customer access for self-service is managed through a single portal
  • Flexibility – quicker access to and rapid deployment of new features as requested by enterprise customers
  • Increased accuracy - removal of manual and multiple data entry points in different management applications

See the video demonstration below of the existing Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE) solution which shows the approach and areas we will be applying to the UCCX solution. We’d love to hear your feedback and be able to work with you on adding value around your UCCX offering. Click here for more details and to start a conversation!