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Spark Hybrid

Manage Cisco Spark Hybrid Services as part of your UC solution


Many companies are adding Cisco Spark Hybrid Services to their existing UC environment, as it offers improved collaboration and productivity for enterprise organizations, and introduces new revenue opportunities for service providers. This VOSS f(X) innovation automates Hybrid Spark deployment and management using VOSS-4-UC.

The Cisco team continues to develop the Spark API to allow more administrative access. We will expand our capabilities as the API evolves. Take a look at the currently supported use cases below and then we’d love to hear your feedback and better understand your use cases:

  • What challenges do you face as you think about implementing and managing Cisco Spark?
  • What administrative use cases would you liked to see automated?
  • If already deployed, does the day to day management of Spark Hybrid create any new administrative challenges?

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Project Details

Here is a typical scenario for deploying and managing Hybrid Spark: An organization will create a new Spark onboarding process using a directory connector. They will use an administrative portal that is separate from their current UC management portal which requires a multi-step process across several applications to manage users. Finally, they will assess the overall impact to their service management.

Our solution is to use VOSS-4-UC to automate deployment and management. VOSS-4-UC already integrates with Active Directory so onboarding Hybrid Spark users does not require an additional directory connector. And like the other UC applications we manage, VOSS-4-UC consumes the Spark API and automatically generates a driver that incorporates the elements needed to manage the new application side by side with all of your UC applications.

Below are a few currently supported use cases, let us know what other use cases interest you:

  • Provision, modify, delete Hybrid Spark users (typical MACD support)
    • Individual changes via Quick Add Subscriber
    • Bulk operations via directory integration (changes in Active Directory drives automated “flow through” provisioning through VOSS-4-UC)
  • License management (upgrade/downgrade user licenses)
  • Entitlement
  • Automate the required per user Hybrid Spark Hybrid call control setup with the Cisco Unified Communication Manager (UCM)
    • The newly created Spark “device” will show up with the user's other devices in the VOSS administration and allow configuration of any available settings, providing more flexibility than the native Spark administrative interface
  • Create Spark room and automatically populate room membership based on the VOSS 'Quick Add Group' assignment


What you can expect

We expect this innovation to help you: 

  • Centrally manage Hybrid Spark services in a single portal alongside your other UC services: There will be some minor training needs for your existing operations team to understand the new Spark selections in the VOSS-4-UC administration, but no specific Spark expertise is needed.
  • Reduce impact to your day to day operations: After the initial VOSS-4-UC set up, Spark becomes an additional selection in the administration interface that fits into your existing MACD processes.
  • Maintain a single view into your complete UC solution: Having visibility to all your services in one place will streamline new revenue generation and user adoption